IAWHP relies on volunteers to help accomplish our mission of supporting worksite health promotion practitioners around the world!  If you are interested in joining a committee, please contact the IAWHP Office.

Advisory & Thought Leadership Committee
This committee is to inform and support IAWHP in its endeavors and pursuits of its goals and objectives by providing input on high-value projects and supporting the creation of strategic alliances. 
Communications Committee
This committee is responsible for overall IAWHP communications and public relations activities internally to the association & membership and externally with the media and non-members in the industry.
Education Committee
This committee is responsible for the overall content and operations of IAWHP educational services including webinars, certification/certificate programs, and in-person meetings (e.g. Pre-conference prior to the ACSM Health & Fitness Summit).
Finance Committee
This committee oversees IAWHP’s financial affairs including the development & implementation of financial policy, coordinating fundraising efforts and creating and overseeing the yearly budget. 
International Committee
This committee advises the IAWHP on relevant programmatic and cultural issues related to worksite health promotion matters outside the United States and seeks to help IAWHP provide benefits and services to members around the world. 
Membership Committee
This committee oversees the development and implementation of strategies and programs that promote recruitment and retention of IAWHP members.
Strategic Projects Committee
This committee identifies and selects highly-focused and strategic projects that generate high value to IAWHP. 
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