US National PA Plan

IAWHP is pleased to be recognized as an "Organizational Affiliate" of the Plan!

Plan Vision
All Americans are physically active and live, work, and play in environments that facilitate regular physical activity.

Plan Mission
Develop a National Plan for Physical Activity that produces a marked and progressive increase in the percentage of Americans who meet physical activity guidelines throughout life.

Plan Goals
The National Plan for Physical Activity will: 

  • Make a compelling and urgent case for increasing physical activity in the American population.
  • Provide a clear roadmap for actions that support short and long term progress in increasing Americans’ physical activity.
  • Develop strategies for increasing physical activity in all population subgroups and reducing disparities across subgroups.
  • Create a sustained and resourced social movement that provides for ongoing coordination, partnerships, capacity building, and evaluation.
  • Develop new and innovative strategies for promoting physical activity.
  • Undergo periodic evaluation to assess achievements in increasing physical activity.

Visit the US National Physical Activity Plan website for complete information.



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