The Business Side Column


Archived Articles from The Business Side Column in ACSM's Health & Fitness Journal®

Professionalism in a World of Sneakers, Sports Bras, and Sweat (September 2016)

Creating Programs for Maximum Impact (May 2016)

Fitness Careers: Where Do I Go From Here (January 2016)

Everything We Need to Know We Can Learn from People and Numbers (September 2015)

Selling Doesn't Have to Be "Salesy": Sales Tactics for the Fitness Professional (May 2015)

Practical Tips for Improving Client Engagement (January 2015)

Going Beyond Likes and Followers: How Fitness Clubs Can Leverage Social Media (September 2014)

Focusing on Strength Improves More Than Your Chin-up Count (May 2014)

Know Your Members to Successfully Market Your Club (September 2013)  

Building the Trainer-Club Connection to Boost Service (May 2013)  

Maximizing Behavior Change by Matching Your Message to Clients' Readiness to Exercise (January 2013)  

Emotionally Move Them into Wellness (September 2012)

Social Ecosystem and Career Advancement (May 2012)   

Planning to Go Green? Consider the Alternatives (January 2012)

The Future Evolution of Employee Wellness (September 2011)

The Constant Evolution of Corporate Fitness (May 2011)

Five Best Practices for Employee Wellness Programs (January 2011)

Understanding the Foundation of Marketing - the Three Cs and the Four Ps

Don't Fall for the Bait... (May 2010)  

When No News is Good News (January 2010)

New Technology is Changing How We Communicate.  How Well are You Adapting to the Change? (September 2009)

The Time to Prepare for the Future is Now (May 2009)



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