Mentoring Students and Career Development


Mentoring Students and Career Development

Upcoming Events-
- March 6, 2019 Teleconference, Topic: "The Company Coach" at 12pm PT. Contact to register. 
- June 5, 2019 Teleconference, Topic: "WHP + PPT + TED = Company Wellness" at 12pm PT. Contact to register. 
- September 4, 2019 Teleconference, Topic: "How to Get Leadership Positions" at 12pm PT. Contact to register. 
- December 4, 2019 Teleconference, Topic: "Roundtable - Listen to the Pros Best and Work Experiences" at 12pm PT. Contact to register. 

Past Events & Topics-
- "How Your Knowledge Can Take You to the Next Level", June 28, 2017
- "Who, What, Where of Worksite Health Promotion", September 28, 2017
- "Annual Planning", December 20, 2017
- "How to Enter the Professional World", March 28, 2018
- "Why Value Your Education". June 27, 2018
- "Stressed by Managing your Program?", September 19, 2018

Get Involved-
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Interest Group Leader Contact Info-
Barry B. Roa, MA
Laguna Hills, CA
Cell: 949-279-0691

Barry Roa Bio-
- Born and raised in Southern California
- Coaching experience nearly 40 years mostly volleyball, personal wellness
- Past Business Experience:  Wholebody Health Management, Pacific Park Chiropractic-
- Creator:  Physical Fitness Evaluation Software for Physical Educators 1979
- Beach Volleyball “A” Rating
- College Volleyball Player
- Adjunct Professor CSUN Physical Education Department 1980-7
- Assistant Coach CSUN Women’s Volleyball (1980 National Champions) -1980-7
- Head Coach CSUN Women’s Volleyball JV Team 1981-2
- Head Coach USA World Games for the Deaf 1982-5
- Director of Patient Services Pacific Park Chiropractic 1991-2006
- President Aliso Viejo Chamber of Commerce 1994-5
- Adult Leader BSA 2001-present Scoutmaster, National Jamboree, District Committee
- Current Position:  Executive Manager Curtis Wellness Programs Montebello, CA
IAWHP Biography and Committees:
- Long time professional member (including previous manifestations) IAWHP, ACSM
- IAWHP Board of Directors 2016-present
- Interest Group Leader “Mentoring Students and Career Development”
- Membership Committee Chair (USA)

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